An MLA from eastern P.E.I. is wondering whether signs marking the route to the local hospital are gone because the hospital itself has essentially disappeared.


MLA Colin Lavie wants to know if the signs directing people to Souris Hospital are missing by accident or design. (Province of P.E.I.)

Colin Lavie, MLA for the district of Souris-Elmira, has asked Transportation Minister Robert Vessey and Health Minister Doug Currie to explain why the distinctive H signs that direct people to hospital have disappeared from the Souris area.

First Lavie suggested to Vessey the signs might have been stolen. Then he heard the Department of Health may have had the sign removed because Souris Hospital no longer offers enough services to display the sign.

"Now we have a bigger problem on our hand then. We're not sure if we're missing a hospital or we're missing a sign," said Lavie.

"The two ministers are going to have to get together in the next couple of days and I expect answers next week in the house."

According to the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Canada, the H symbol should only be used to direct drivers to a hospital that offers emergency services.

Souris Hospital hasn't had an ER since 2006. This year the province converted it from an acute care to an extended care facility.