Some people living in western P.E.I. are worried about the environmental impact of a new mink farm recently approved for the area.

The provincial government has given approval to the Silver Hill Fur Farm, which will have up to 10,000 mink.

Jennifer Blanchard-Guitare lives in Cape Wolfe, about three kilometres away from the site of the new farm.

"Our main concerns of the community were whether or not they would follow proper regulation to ensure that our well water didn't become contaminated any further with high nitrate levels and pathogens," Blanchard-Guitare.

"As we know, pathogens would come from carnivore manure."

She said her neighbours are also concerned the farm will attract coyotes, and the potential for odours.

The provincial Department of Environment conducted an environmental assessment before approval was given for the new farm.

Provincial environmental assessment officer Jay Carr said concerns about odour and impact on groundwater can be mitigated through proper manure management. The manure management plan for the farm has been reviewed by the department, and meets all the requirements.

Environment officials will monitor the farm once it starts operation.