Flood-damaged vehicles from the eastern United States could make their way to the Island for resale, warns P.E.I. Transportation minister Robert Vessey.

He said many vehicles, including new ones sitting on dealer lots, were damaged during Hurricane Sandy.

Vessey said the cars could be re-titled and sold to unsuspecting buyers across North America.

Many of the vehicles can't be repaired because they have been submerged underwater and contaminated with waste, sewage and other biohazards.

"Flood-damaged vehicles on Prince Edward Island are not to be registered. They are only for repair only and if someone from P.E.I. buys a vehicle from there, they may go to motor vehicle and find they can't register it. It's buyer beware. If you get a deal out there that seems too good to be true, it's a pretty good chance it is. And just do your homework when purchasing vehicles outside the country," he said.

Vessey said flood damage can include malfunctioning computer systems, brakes, engine control modules, airbags, headlights, even windshield wipers and stereo equipment.

The minister said the same kind of caution was issued after Hurricane Katrina.