P.E.I. Finance Minister Wes Sheridan has apologized to all Islanders, and directly to two women who were upset by his behaviour at a charity hockey match this winter.

The women said the minister swore at them and elbowed one of them in the face during a game in O'Leary between local hockey coaches and the Liberal Red Tide team.

The two women said Tuesday Sheridan called them Sunday night to offer his apologies, and they are satisfied with that.

Sheridan rose in the legislature Tuesday afternoon to apologize to all MLAs, and through them, to all Islanders for his actions.

"Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to speak with several individuals who raised legitimate concerns about my actions during a recent charity fundraiser. I'm grateful to the individuals involved for having accepted my apology with grace, That said, I believe my apology must go a step further," he said at Province House.

"As the premier has told us many times, a member of this legislative assembly is always on duty. And the actions of an individual reflect on this institution as a whole. Therefore, I would also like to extend my apology to all members and through them to all Islanders they represent."

When first approached about the matter by CBC News on Friday, Sheridan denied he had sworn at the women, or elbowed one of them in the face. He suggested he was the one who should get an apology because the women were playing rough and a man his age could have been hurt.

Later that same day Sheridan sent an email to the CBC apologizing if he had offended anyone.