Business owners weren't given enough notice about the minimum wage increases announced Friday for P.E.I., says the Greater Charlottetown Area Chamber of Commerce.

Keith O’Neill -custom

The GCACC would like at least six month's notice of future minimum wage hikes, says Keith O’Neill, president. (Greater Charlottetown Area Chamber of Commerce)

The first increase, which comes into effect in June, will see the minimum wage rise from $10 an hour to $10.20. On Oct. 1, it will go up to $10.35.

"I think the first challenge is really the notice. Our businesses certainly have planning cycles and so it is a very short period of time," said Keith O'Neill, chamber president.

"And we have a lot of summer businesses. They were planning on the $10 minimum wage and now all of a sudden we are mere weeks away from the season opening, and they have to make significant adjustments."

The chamber wants at least six month's notice and future increases tied to the increase in the consumer price index, said O'Neill.

He says P.E.I. could also follow the lead of some other provinces and have the minimum wage rate announced at a fixed date each year.