A 90-year-old Summerside monument has a new lease on life.

The cenotaph in Memorial Park is dedicated to fallen veterans of both world wars and the Korean War. The local legion had been trying to get the monument restored for several years.

Now, the job is done.

Leroy Gamble, president of the Summerside Legion, said the cenotaph was in rough shape.

"[It] looked really dilapidated on top, scuffed and some pieces broken. We had to have some restoration work on the bronze work, which was very green. So now it's like new, we like to think," he said.

He added that the restoration work is one way to show respect for veterans and what they did for Canada.

"We really respect what those soldiers did for us to keep the country what it is today. The least we can do is keep their names there and show respect," he said.

The restoration cost about $35,000. The province, federal government, city and the legion split the cost.

The work took about 10 days to complete.