Under the new rules, growing marijuana will be limited to large-scale commercial growers. (CBC)

Health Canada's rules around who can be a supplier of medical marijuana are changing, and that has an Island woman anxious about her access to the medicine.

Patients can currently access medical marijuana through a grower designated by Health Canada or by getting licensed and growing it themselves. Under the new regulations, marijuana would only be available from commercially-regulated growers. Smaller operators and people growing for themselves would be out.

Patients currently pay about $4 a gram, but there are concerns the price could double. Kat Murphy of Charlottetown uses medical marijuana to treat Crohn's Disease, and is getting it for free from a designated grower.

"There's lots of other people that perhaps can afford the new system, but there's many people who won't be able to and we have to address that," said Murphy.

"It's a human right to access medicine that can make you well and not to have to experience terrible side effects from pharmaceutical drugs. I think it's a basic human right."

Murphy is asking Islanders to petition their MPs to stop the changes, which take effect next year.

More than 15,000 people are licensed to grow medical marijuana in Canada. Health Canada says better regulation of medical marijuana will help prevent abuse.