Some people in the Borden-Carleton area are concerned about a proposed underwater cable that will deliver electricity to P.E.I., and aired their concerns at a meeting in the community Tuesday night with Maritime Electric officials.

One of the concerns is about sound and vibrations from the expanded substation on nearby residences.

Maritime Electric came up with three landscape buffering plans that it says will eliminate these risks. All involve bringing in between 800 and 1,200 mature trees to mask the station and buffer sound and vibrations.

The three design options will go before town council for a vote.

Beach access

Concerns about beach access were raised and the fact it would be torn up during construction.

"Currently, the land is privately owned by Maritime Electric, but the residents have used it to gain access the beach. And they've always been congenial in letting the residents do that, so there's concerns that we may lose access," said resident Laurel Palmer Thompson.

Maritime Electric said there will still be beach access, and it plans to bring in more rock to blend in with the shoreline.

There were also a few concerns about larger ships being able to dock off Borden-Carleton after the cables go in. Maritime Electric officials say most will be able to dock, and the company will work with those who may face issues to get them to a safe spot to anchor.

Some residents doubted Maritime Electric would follow through on its promises, but the company said it will and noted it had outlined its promises in a letter to town council.

The cable will run between Borden-Carleton and Cape Tormentine, N.B., and will ship electricity on and off the Island.