Trees on lines

A line of frozen trees resting upon power lines in New Brunswick. (N.B. Power /Twitter)

A dozen Maritime Electric linesmen from P.E.I. are in New Brunswick helping restore power to thousands of people who are heading into the sixth day without electricity following an ice storm earlier in the week.

New Brunswick Power estimates about 16,000 customers are still without electricity and they may not get it back until Tuesday.

"I think it's really tragic. I'm sure the customers and employees over there feel terrible for people that have been without power for any time, let alone the holidays. And it's winter. I think it's a really scary time for people. The good neighbours in the Maritimes are there to help them," said Kim Griffin, spokeswoman for Maritime Electric.

The crews headed over Thursday and are expected to be there until sometime during the weekend, said Griffin.

"We'll be watching the weather and potential storm situation here to make sure that we have enough of our crew and what may be needed here if there is a potential storm coming, but they could be there for several days."