Maritime Bus an option if Via Rail workers strike: owner

The owner of Charlottetown-based Maritime Bus is keeping a close watch on the situation at Via Rail where a possible strike could be looming.

Charlottetown-based company would put on 'extra bus or two'

The owner of Charlottetown-based Maritime Bus says his service is capable of ensuring passengers booked with Via Rail will get where they want to go in the event of a strike.

The Canadian Auto Workers union has issued a strike notice to Via Rail with a deadline of Friday.

Mike Cassidy said his company is an option for passengers.

"We certainly will be doing our best to try to move people from one destination to another," he said.

"If there is a strike and if there is a larger demand, what we would be doing automatically would be putting on an extra bus or two to support that demand."

Cassidy said he wouldn't consider this "strike busting." He said his company would just be looking after Via Rail's customers until they returned to business.