A P.E.I. medicinal marijuana co-op has tweaked its plan for membership after being questioned by a regional medicinal marijuana lobby group.

When the co-op went public with its plans last week, it was asking $500 in membership fees. That was dropped to $33 after criticism from the Maritimers Unite for Medicinal Marijuana Society. The society said the plans to get the co-op off the ground are unrealistic, and that people shouldn't join until there's a more established business plan.

The group says the co-op would need to raise $300,000 to get started.

Keith Kennedy, one of the co-op's founders, said despite the changes and the criticism, he is committed to making it happen.

"If you look at the history of co-ops on Prince Edward Island, you can see that there are multi-million dollar facilities that are now in operation, and everybody just takes them for granted," said Kennedy.

This summer the co-op plans to grow hemp, not marijuana.

The grow-op co-op does not yet have a business plan. Kennedy said he's still looking for investors.