The City of Charlottetown is looking to amend its zoning and development bylaw to allow for medical marijuana production facilities.


Medical marijuana production in Charlottetown could be an economic development opportunity, says Coun. Rob Lantz. (CBC)

The federal government will no longer be producing medical marijuana and private companies are taking over production. Charlottetown planning committee chair Coun. Rob Lantz chairs told CBC News Monday the city wants to be ready in case an application comes in from a company to set up in Charlottetown.

Council wants to be clear about the requirements, he said.

"My planning staff have done some research on what the requirements around these facilities would be," said Lantz.

"They certainly would be very secure, probably surrounded by a fence, probably with a lot of surveillance, probably with a lot of lights at night, the kind of thing we wouldn't want close to any residential area."

Lantz said the marijuana facilities amendment will first go to a public meeting.

No applications for a facility have come to the city, but Lantz has heard some discussions about an interested party setting up a plant, something Lantz said could be an economic development opportunity for the city.