Burke pleaded guilty to arson in Stratford fire in 2013.

The Crown says Jeffery Burke started the fire after breaking into his ex-girlfriend's apartment. (CBC)

A man from eastern P.E.I. has pleaded guilty to one count of arson endangering human life in connection with an apartment fire in Stratford.

The court heard Jeffery Douglas Burke, 25 of Stratford, set fire to a multi-unit apartment building in Stratford around 3 a.m. on Oct. 19. Everyone who lived there had to flee the building, and one person had to be rescued by fire crews.

The Crown said Burke set the fire after breaking into the apartment of his ex-girlfriend. She wasn't home at the time.

Once inside, Burke used a curtain rod to smash a flat screen TV. He then set fire to a couch, bed and crib before running away.

Stratford RCMP arrested him later that day.

Charges of uttering threats and of breaking and entering were stayed.  Burke, who has been in custody since his arrest, will return to court Jan. 3 for sentencing.