A P.E.I. man lost part of his hand as he was clearing a clogged snowblower in a Dec. 2 workplace accident, confirm occupational health and safety officials.

The P.E.I. Workers Compensation Board released more details about the accident after interviewing the man on Tuesday.

The man was clearing snow around Slemon Park, just outside of Summerside, when he stuck his hand in to clear a snowblower that was packed with snow.

"And they thought that the machine was turned off and that it wasn't engaged, but it actually was," said Bill Reid, director of occupational health and safety.

"I'd like to take this time to tell everybody out there this time of year with the snow blowers … never assume that it is OK to stick your hand in the chute of any snowblower."

A stop-work order was issued immediately following the incident to ensure the snowblowing equipment was in safe working condition before being used again. That order has since been lifted.

The investigation continues.