A P.E.I. man was jailed Monday for a summer arson attack in Charlottetown.

James Edwin Carter, 40, was sentenced to six months in jail for arson and theft. That includes the time he has served since his August arrest.

The Marshfield man pleaded guilty to all the charges against him

Carter was high on opiates when he broke into a home-fuel company office.

He set a broom on fire so he could see his way around the building and then broke into a cube van outside.

He lit a propane torch inside the van, but that set it on fire. Volunteer fire fighters responded. While they fought the blaze he had just started, Carter broke into their cars.

Police found him and arrested him. Officers reported he smelled of smoke and had cuts on his arms.

John Douglas, the chief provincial court judge, ordered him to pay for the damages. He called Carter's actions reckless and said there had been the potential to cause even more damage.

The court heard Carter has a serious drug problem. He has 47 previous convictions for break-and-enter and theft.