Murray River

Edwin Peter MacKinnon of Murray River died several weeks after he was severely burned cutting a live wire in an abandoned building. (Google Maps)

A Murray River man who died Friday after suffering severe burns while cutting wires earlier this month was gathering scrap metal to help pay for his daughter's headstone, says his family.

Edwin Peter MacKinnon, 74, was gathering scrap metal and cutting wires in an abandoned building when he cut into a wire that was still live with 600 volts of electricity, RCMP say.

MacKinnon's daughter Cindy MacKinnon says her sister Carla died in Dec. 2012 and her father was collecting scrap to pay for a headstone.

MacKinnon was being treated for his injuries in a Halifax hospital, say police.

They say they were never able to interview him about the case.

MacKinnon's funeral will be held Thursday at the Southern Kings and Queens Funeral Home in Murray River.