The father of a young P.E.I. man charged with murder in Toronto says his son told him the man who died was sick and asked the accused to end his life.

'He wanted Kyle to do him in.' — David Blaisdell

Kyle Laybolt, 21, was charged with first-degree murder after a housemate, 69-year old Hans Meier, was found in their Toronto rooming home with multiple stab wounds to his stomach.

The incident happened at about 4:30 a.m. on Jan. 28. Meier was taken to hospital where he died.

"There are a number of residents within the home, Mr. Meier and Mr. Laybolt being two of many that live within the house," said Det. Sgt. Gary Giroux of the Toronto homicide squad.

"A 911 call came from the address. Mr. Laybolt was gone, his description was sent out, and he was found just a few blocks away by uniformed officers from that particular division."

Man was sick

Laybolt's father, David Blaisdell, said his son told him that Meier was sick and asked Laybolt to kill him.

"He wanted Kyle to do him in," said Blaisdell.

Toronto police confirmed Meier was sick and had limited mobility.

People in Dingwells Mills, a village on the east end of Prince Edward Island where Laybolt grew up, were shocked by the news of the murder charge.

"Kyle was always a very likable young kid; he always had a smile on his face," said Fred Cheverie, who taught Laybolt in junior high school but said he hasn't seen him since he left the Island a few years ago.

"If he did something wrong, you'd put him in place, he'd be kind of glum for a few minutes, but the next day it'd be like water off a duck's back; he'd forget all about that."

Laybolt is being held at the Toronto East Detention Centre. He is to appear in court via video link on Feb. 27.