The Lucy Maud Montgomery Heritage Museum has been put up for sale because the owner says he's losing money on it.

Robert Montgomery is a distant relative of the beloved author of Anne of Green Gables — his great-grandfather, Senator Donald Montgomery, was Lucy Maud Montgomery's grandfather.

Now, Robert Montgomery is putting the 134-year-old house in Park Corner, about 21 km from of the Anne of Green Gables museum,  up for sale.

Montgomery says he's losing money on the museum, but it's also time to let it go.

"Naturally sadness because I'm 72, I lived here till I was 22. As one woman said last year, 'I expect to meet Lucy Maud walking down the hall here,'" he said.

The museum is also known as Ingleside in some of Lucy Maud's stories, and was the model for Anne and Gilbert's home on Prince Edward Island in the Anne series of novels.

Montgomery is looking at selling the contents, which include several objects Lucy Maud wrote about in her stories, including the Rosebud Tea Set and the china dogs Gog and Magog.

He says he'd like the provincial or federal governments to consider purchasing them so they're preserved for years to come.