A company on P.E.I. that will deliver as little as 100 litres of heating oil is continuing to expand.

When Jeff Mellish started Feasible Fuels two years ago it was just him driving an oil truck around eastern P.E.I. Last year he added a second truck and opened an office. This year more trucks have been added and the service has expanded as far west as Summerside.

Jeff Mellish -custom

It has been hectic keeping up with demand, says Feasible Fuels owner Jeff Mellish. (CBC)

"These last few years here, the Island has been hit hard with a lot of different things. It's just been a rough winter this year so far for people too. It's just hard to make ends meet," said Mellish.

Mellish's customer base is largely made up of people who can't pull together the cash for the minimum delivery of 300 to 400 litres required by major oil companies.

"It's been hectic," he said.

"We've been trying to respond quickly enough to keep everybody happy, but it's been non-stop."

Mellish said a colder December means many of his customers are feeling the pinch.

Home heating assistance registration

This winter has already seen long stretches of cold weather, but registration for the province's home heating oil assistance program does not start until next week.

The province has been funding assistance, administered by the Salvation Army, since 2008. It only just guaranteed it as an annual program in November. The Salvation Army will be able to count on $121,000 a year.

Registration for the program starts Monday. Typically all the funding is gone within a few days.