A P.E.I. hunting group has come out in opposition to a provincial request to extend black duck hunting to the end of December.

Lorne Yeo - custom

Conscientious hunters will oppose winter duck hunting, says Lorne Yeo.

Under the proposal, daily bag limits for ducks would be lower, leading to the same number of ducks killed. But Hunters for Conservation says extending hunting after freeze-up leads to unfair chances for these birds.

"Extending the season into winter hunting conditions works against waterfowl," said Hunters for Conservation leader Lorne Yeo.

"It victimizes them, in reduced water space where they can be more easily shot. That is not conservation, and that is not responsible hunting, and conscientious hunters will oppose that."

Last year was the first time black duck hunting was allowed to go to Dec. 31 on P.E.I., three weeks longer than usual. Under the plan for 2014, bag limits would be lowered later in the season.

Dates Bag limits
Options for black duck hunting season
Oct. 1 - Dec. 8 4 a day
Oct. 1 - Dec. 31 4 a day to Nov. 8, then 2 a day

Provincial wildlife biologist Brad Potter said surveys show Island hunters want the longer season, even if it means killing fewer ducks each day. Potter said the other option, having a shorter season with a higher daily limit, would mean the same number killed.

"Regulations are based on population level," said Potter.

"It's more to do with whether the hunters themselves feel that they're behaving ethically, unless we're talking about a population level concern."

Islanders have until Friday to send comments to Canadian Wildlife Services, the federal body that regulates this hunt.