P.E.I. Premier Robert Ghiz should take care of the health care needs of Islanders before he begins to address health care at the national level, says Opposition leader Olive Crane.


Robert Ghiz should focus his energy at home, says Olive Crane. (CBC)

Ghiz was named co-chair of a working group on health care innovation at a premiers' meeting in Victoria Tuesday. Crane said Ghiz may want to reconsider where he's focusing his attention.

"It is very noble for the Premier to co-chair this working committee; but truthfully, we feel his energy would be better spent tackling issues here at home," said Crane.

Crane said access to ambulance services needs to be improved, Islanders require catastrophic drug coverage and addiction treatment services should better.

Crane said while it is important to be engaged with other provincial leaders, it is equally important to listen to Island residents and health care professionals and advocate for their unique needs.