Sweden has announced it wants a blanket ban on the importation of live North American lobsters across the European Union in an effort to prevent a possible underwater invasion, and that could be a cause for concern on Prince Edward Island.

While the vast majority of P.E.I.'s lobster exports are already processed, the PEI Fishermen's Association is keeping an eye on the situation.

The association says it plans to work with the Lobster Council of Canada to gather as much information as possible on the situation in Sweden.

It says any possibility of an EU ban on lobster from the Maritimes should be taken seriously.

"We've worked hard to build these markets," association spokesman Ian MacPherson told CBC News.

"The EU has been a long-time customer of Canadian lobster, and so we want to make sure the situation gets rectified and that people are dealing in factual information and data and not just hearsay and conjecture."