Lobster fisherman Wade Gallant works on his traps in preparation for the spring lobster season, which starts in May. (Maggie Brown/CBC)

Changes are being made to lobster traps this year to ensure lobsters can get out of lost traps.

Each trap will now have to have a section made of biodegradable twine so if a fisherman loses a trap any lobster in it can get out.

Fisherman Wade Gallant of North Rustico, P.E.I. will be using the traps this year, but he doubts the new feature is necessary for wooden traps.

"As far as the sisal twine, they're saying if you lose a trap this is supposed to disintegrate," said Gallant.

"For a steel trap yes, I'm 100 per cent for it. But for a wooden trap I don't think we really need it because a trap will disintegrate before the twine will."

Other regulatory changes for this year include a new bigger, escape mechanism on traps, and a larger minimum carapace size. Any lobster under 72 millimetres will have to be thrown back.

Fishermen also had to buy tags for their traps for the first time this year, which cost about $100.