The Prince Edward Island Fishermen's Association says it feels left in the dark after a northern New Brunswick fishing area was granted a five-day extension on its lobster season.

The association says the extension is not fair because Fisheries and Oceans Canada has discouraged weather-related requests in the past.

“The policy was, has been, for over 10 years that there's got to be no extensions on the season so don't ask for it,” said association president Michael McGeoghegan.

“This was a little different. We didn't know. We find out after the fact that the minister's changed the policy. Somebody should have called from the office to give us a heads up from DFO.”

PEIFA did not put in a request for an extension this season, but says an earlier request to start the season one day early was turned down.

McGeoghegan says he is not upset with the New Brunswick fishermen for making the request.

Lobster season dates are in place partly to help with lobster conservation.