Lobster gear lost in barn fire

A fisherman lost his gear in a barn fire near Tignish Monday.

Firefighters battle to save houses

A fisherman lost his gear in a barn fire near Tignish Monday.

The fire involved two neigbouring barns on the Harper Road. A family dog also died in one of the buildings. Tignish Fire Chief Harley Perry said firefighters worked hard to save the nearby homes.

"We arrived on scene, both barns were fully engulfed, and all that was left was a few parts of the wall standing, very little on either one," said Perry.

"We doused that out and we had to spray some water on both houses that were there because the vinyl had melted on both of the houses. As unfortunate as it was, we were lucky."

One barn was storing the lobster gear, said Perry, and the other was used as storage by a homeowner.

P.E.I.'s provincial fire marshal is investigating the cause.