Like the rest of P.E.I., the lobster industry, now into its fall season, has had to adjust to this week's hot, sunny weather.

Lobsters suffer in the extreme heat and can die off if they get too warm, so fishermen and buyers have been taking extra measures to keep their catches cool.

"Lots of ice," said Shelby Ellsworth, a Miminegash fisherman.

Lobster fisherman hauling ice to keep catch from getting hot

Lots of ice is being used right now by the lobster industry in P.E.I. (CBC)

"Ice, and we always measure in the tank. We never leave out lobsters out on the open. Always measure it with ice."

Sandra Gaudet, a buyer with L&S Marketing, says the fishermen are going to some extreme lengths to keep the crustaceans cold.

"They're coming in twice with their catches to unload so that they don't have to sit on the boat all day," said Gaudet.

"They're icing them very well. Some of them even have sunshades on their boats so that they stay right out of the direct sun. And some have tanks with circulating water. They're doing everything they can to keep their product as top of the line as they can."

Some buyers, including L&S, have also been sending boats out to collect lobsters from fishermen through the day.