Some areas of P.E.I. are doing better than others in terms of catches in the fall lobster season, but overall economic challenges for fishermen remain.

"There seems to be a mixed bag of catch rates. Some areas are similar to last year and other areas are down," said Ian MacPherson, executive director of the P.E.I. Fishermen's Association.

"We did see a little bit of a bump in price a week ago when the catches dropped off. So it's going to be another economically challenging year for our fall fishers unfortunately."

Overall, he said, catches appear to be down. Several days of poor weather that kept fishermen off the water have also had an impact.

MacPherson said most fishermen are getting $3 a pound for market sized lobster and $2.75 for canners.

Island fishermen are anxious to hear the final recommendations of the maritime lobster panel struck to come up with solutions to low prices in the industry, he said.

The fall lobster season on P.E.I. closes Oct. 10.