A restaurant in Summerside will have to close if it does not get a liquor licence, say the owners.

The P.E.I. Liquor Control Commission has no issues with granting a licence to Miss Daisy's Restaurant and Guest House, but the City of Summerside will not allow it.


The food business is good at Miss Daisy's, say Judith Colford and Ian Mckenzie, but the dining room needs a liquor licence. (CBC)

Owners Judith Colford and Ian Mckenzie have been trying to get a licence since they opened in 2009.

"We need a liquor license to survive," said Colford.

"They just say, well we can't because we're in a residential section."

The owners had decided to close the restaurant down, but customers urged them to try one more time. They have put together a petition to urge the city to reconsider.

Food sales are strong at the restaurant, said Mckenzie, but a liquor licence is needed to push the business into an acceptable profit. Mayor Basil Stewart said being a good business isn't the only thing to consider.

"You have to deal with the neighbours as well," said Stewart, and some of those neighbours have concerns about noise, traffic, and ambiance in the area.


Council has to take into account the concerns of neighbours, says Summerside Mayor Basil Stewart. (CBC)

"If there's something we can do to make it fit we certainly will, because we know they have a good reputation."

Colford and Mckenzie said their petition shows they have the support of the community. And they'll be bringing that document with them to present it to councillors at city hall when council meets again in August.

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