Summerside's Credit Union Place is gearing up for what may be the busiest week in the facility's history this spring. 

Three big artists who are touring at the same time are all booked to play Summerside.

First up is Bryan Adams, booked for April 29. Two days later, it’s Gordon Lightfoot. And two days after that, Toby Keith is in town.

Dixie Grady was so pumped she’s buying tickets for all three shows in the one week.

“We go to them all. I think it's awesome, three in a week,” Grady said.

“This is sort of a comedy of errors in a lot of ways, to have these shows land in the same time frame,” said JP DesRosiers, the Summerside event development officer.

“We do like to span out our shows as much as possible, but we're not always in control of the routing, so we have to make hay when the sun shines.”

DesRosiers says all three promoters were aware of the arena's busy schedule. He’s not too worried about competing for concert goers.

Big test for Credit Union Place staff

“The nice thing about it is they're all three different genres, in three different demographics, so from a sales perspective, they'll all do fairly well.”

Keith's show is 75 per cent sold out, while Lightfoot's show is 60 per cent sold. Adams's tickets goes on sale Friday

Adams and Lightfoot are touring the region, so those shows are unlikely to bring tourists.

DeRosiers said it will be a challenge for staff at Credit Union Place.

“For us, it really will test our skills and see if we can pull this off.  I have no worries that we can,” he said.

There is a big upside to holding three consecutive shows. Staff will turn the hockey arena into a concert venue for Adams and leave it that way until Keith finishes six days later.