Small grain harvester on P.E.I. (CBC)

The leaders for the Liberal and Progressive Conservative parties released their campaign policies for rural P.E.I. Friday.

Olive Crane said a Conservative government would pay for an extra 10 community policing officers to help address concerns about crime in rural communities.

In addition, she said the allocation of long-term care beds in the province are not equally divided among Island communities.

She said a Conservative government would review the allocation and zoning of long-term care beds.

Crane said she is committed to removing any political interference with the placement of islanders in long-term care.

Liberal leader Robert Ghiz released his party’s policy Friday on agriculture.

It includes a plan to set up a land development corporation, which would buy land from farmers and lease it back to other farmers.

The idea is to help some farmers get out of the industry and others to enter.

There is also a promise to put another $2 million into crop insurance over the next two years and over the next four years to make $4.75 million available to producers with new ideas for environmental sustainability.

There is also a promise by the Liberals of more money for marketing Island agricultural products.