The usual location of Liberal MP Lawrence MacAulay's riding meetings was changed last minute Monday as he continues to face backlash for changing his position on how he'd vote if the abortion issue is raised in the House of Commons.

Lawrence MacAulay - summer 2014

Cardigan Liberal MP Lawrence MacAulay is facing backlash after saying he would vote pro-choice along party lines. (CBC)

The meeting to nominate MacAulay as the Liberal candidate for Cardigan was supposed to happen at Saint Joachim's Roman Catholic Church parish hall in Vernon River.

MacAulay had stated that he is anti-abortion and would vote accordingly. But after he said he would vote pro-choice along party lines as outlined by federal Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, the church said the hall wasn't available.

Instead, the meeting took place at Red's Corner in Cardigan.

"All I know is that we had to get a new spot and within an hour or so we had a new spot. And as you see here tonight, it worked out pretty well and that's the way it is," said MacAulay.

Liberal Party member Niall MacKay says he votes for the person, not the party.

Lawrence MacAulay meeting change notice

Liberal MP Lawrence MacAulay's nomination meeting at a parish hall in Vernon River had to be moved last minute. (CBC)

"We elect people to go to Ottawa to represent us, and if it comes to party lines, they should be voting their conscience," said MacKay.

But according to Liberal MP Wayne Easter, it's not clear the abortion issue will even go to a vote.

"I can't see it being an issue debated in the House of Commons. Decisions have been made by the Supreme Court. The laws that are in place are not being challenged. So really this is a non-issue," he said.

Nevertheless, MacAulay is feeling the effects of his decision.

"Oh you get phone calls and things that happen, but you know I think people know where I stand in life and that's about it."