The rule book governing P.E.I.'s legislative assembly has added more confusion to the question of who is the official leader of the Opposition.


Hal Perry insists he is the Opposition leader. (CBC)

Last Wednesday the Progressive Conservative caucus voted Hal Perry Opposition Leader, and he said the Speaker of the legislature has confirmed that.

On Thursday Steven Myers was chosen interim leader of the party by a vote of the caucus and the party executive. This led to the unusual, if not unique, situation of having two different MLAs holding the party leader and Opposition leader roles.

But the rule book, which is based on the House of Commons rules, suggests this may not be possible. The book says the leader of the party holding the second largest number of seats is also the Opposition Leader, and that's Steven Myers, not Hal Perry.

Despite this, Perry said he's still Opposition leader.

"We are the official Opposition, we have the second highest amount of seat in the house and I am the official Opposition leader," he said.

"I've been selected by the caucus to represent them, and I'm doing that every day."

Speaker Carolyn Bertram was unavailable for comment Wednesday. Steven Myers said he'll comment later.

Another question on the Tory leadership is still up in the air. Earlier this week a former vice-president of the Progressive Conservatives pointed out the party's constitution gives the party leader power to assign responsibilities in the legislature, and he believes that includes the role of Opposition leader.

The Progressive Conservatives are holding a meeting Monday, with all members invited to attend.

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  • The regulation equating the party leader with Opposition leader is in the legislative rulebook, not Legislative Assembly Act, as this story previously stated.
    Feb 08, 2013 10:47 AM AT