Colleen Freake

Colleen Freake is helping install a special section of the Legacy Garden that will contain all-red plants in honour of the fallen Moncton RCMP officers. (Julia Cook/CBC)

The new P.E.I. Farm Centre's Legacy Garden in Charlottetown will pay tribute to the three fallen Moncton RCMP officers by planting a special all-red section.

Three officers were killed and two injured by a gunman in Moncton in early June.

The red theme will continue in the flower beds near the main building.

"I think it's a passionate community involvement, which is really in line with what we're doing here at the Legacy Garden and bringing it into everyday life those kinds of awareness of tragedy, awareness of celebration, you know, all those things are important," said Colleen Freake, one of the people working on the garden.

The red garden should be complete in a couple of weeks.