Sport PEI officials hope for a big crowd at the Charlottetown Airport Monday evening to welcome Island Olympian Jared Connaughton home after an emotional weekend.

On Saturday, in the final of the men's 4 x 100-metre relay race, it appeared as though Connaughton and the Canadian team had won bronze.

But Canada was disqualified because Connaughton stepped slightly outside his lane, just toeing the line, during his run.  Immediately, on national TV, the Islander took full responsibility and apologized to his country and teammates.

"I can live with it. I’m a man, and I can take it on the chin," Connaughton told CBC News Saturday. "But for Justyn, Seyi, Gavin, not to have a bronze medal is the most disappointing thing of it all."

Connaughton has since received thousands of messages of support.

Nick Murray, a spokesman for Sport PEI, said he expects Connaughton will experience some of that support firsthand when he lands home.

"More so because of what happened on Saturday, I think you'll get an even bigger crowd," Murray said. "You know, people want to say congratulations, well done and you made us all proud."

Connaughton's plane is due to land at the Charlottetown Airport just after 7:30 p.m.