Charlottetown landlord Jason Pitre is offering iPad Minis as incentive to rent in his apartment. (CBC)

A Charlottetown landlord is offering a high-tech incentive for new tenants.

Jason Pitre will be handing out iPad Minis to anyone who signs a lease for one of his apartments in Brown's Court.

He said he's sweetening the deal because he can't find enough tenants.

"In the Charlottetown marketplace in the last five years we've experienced a lot of ongoing development and construction, which typically is a good thing for consumers because it offers them more choice," said Pitre.

"But the resulting factor is that there needs to be more people to catch up with the rate of construction and in certain pockets and segments it has not caught up yet. So the trickle effect has been that certain landlords have been facing some increased vacancy rates."

Pitre's Brown's Court complex currently has a vacancy rate of 10 per cent.

That's double the number from last September, he said.

For mobile device users: Would receiving an iPad Mini be an incentive for you to rent an apartment?