Laid-off Cavendish Farms workers continue to seek job help

Skills P.E.I. officials continue to work to help some of the 60 employees laid off last month at the Cavendish Farms plant in New Annan.

60 laid off last month in business restructuring

Skills P.E.I. officials continue to assist some of the 60 employees laid off last month at the Cavendish Farms plant in New Annan.

The plant processes potatoes into french fries and other frozen food products. Company officials say competing plants across North America and Europe have increased production, and that in turn has depressed prices for Cavendish Farms products.

In the weeks since the layoffs, Skills P.E.I. officials have had one-on-one meetings with all the affected employees. They say 12 former workers have requested information on Training P.E.I. programs including upgrading their General Education Diploma.

Half of the laid off workers accepted a severance package, 28 requested to be placed on Cavendish Farm's call back list  two have already been called back.   

Officials with Skills P.E.I. said it is possible some of the former employees have found jobs or are upgrading their training without government involvement.

Cavendish Farms says it employs about 700 people at its New Annan plant.


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