Lacrosse PEI has decided to move the sport outdoors this summer for safety reasons.

The group ran its first organized league for youth last year with about 200 young people signed up. They played a version called box lacrosse, which is the most popular version of the game in Canada. It's played in hockey rinks on a concrete surface with the boards used as the boundaries.


There were some cases of injuries last year when players were checked into the boards. (CBC)

But this year the sport is moving out on to the grass.

"We had a few incidents where children were falling on the concrete, and of course that hurts a lot," said Lacrosse PEI president Jason MacDonald.

"As well, we had a few incidents where players were checked into the boards, injured, hitting from behind and that type of thing."

Safety concerns in hockey have led to some rule changes and more non-checking leagues. Lacrosse PEI has decided the best approach is to get out of the hockey arenas altogether. Most parents at a meeting Monday seemed to like the idea.

"It could get a little rough sometimes," said Amber MacLeod.

"It's a lot easier to know they're not going into the boards or onto that hard floor."

The lacrosse season will officially get underway at outdoor soccer fields around the province in mid April, rain or shine.