Liz Turner's photo of two calves, which appear to be kissing, has helped earn her a trip to Colombia to get valuable experience as a veterinary student.

Turner is heading into her third year at the Atlantic Veterinary College. She entered the photo, taken during her time as an undergraduate in Maine, into a contest put on in part by a company called VetPrep. It was offering a chance for veterinary medicine students to win an all-expense-paid trip to volunteer in another country.

'I just kept watching and taking pictures and eventually they just clicked noses.' - Liz Turner

The winning photo had to show animals acting like humans. Turner watched and waited in the barn.

"One day they just started getting closer to each other, I had my camera ready," said Turner.

"So I just kept watching and taking pictures and eventually they just clicked noses."

The online contest offered people a chance to vote on their favourite photos, with the top pictures earning the students a trip. The top prize is a chance to volunteer, in Turner's case, on San Andres Island in Colombia.

She'll be working in a clinic on a spay/neuter project and gathering feral animals.

"They don't get a lot of veterinary treatment anyway. So some of these pets this may be the only time they see veterinary treatment and we may be doing life-saving procedures."

Turner said she plans to work with dairy cattle after graduating from the AVC, but may eventually move into an open practice that would see her working with cats and dogs too.