Target did not want small boutiques in front of its entrance, says Rosemary Burke-Perry. (CBC)

The owners of several small retail kiosks at Charlottetown Mall have been told when Target opens they will have to close.

The U.S.-owned retailer Target is taking over many Zellers locations throughout Canada. It is still a year before the new Target store replaces the Zellers in Charlottetown Mall in November 2013. The Zellers will close at the end of March to allow for renovations.

When the Zellers closes, so will at least five standalone kiosks in front of the store, some of them long-time tenants. They've been told Target requested the removal of kiosks in area in front of the new store.

"My days are number since Target is coming and taking over Zellers, I'm going to be done February the 28th," said Jane Callbeck, owner of Jane's Place smoke shop.

"I lease from Zellers.  I don't lease from the mall.  So when Target comes everybody has to be gone. I didn't feel very good about it. I tried to get a little lotto booth but apparently there's not room in the mall."

Callbeck said she can't afford the rent on a store-front location in the mall.


The kiosks will close at the end of February. (CBC)

Rosemary Burke-Perry, a long-time tenant and owner of Faces Cosmetics, is facing the same eviction notice.   "Because of Target coming in they don't want the smaller boutiques in front of them," said Burke-Perry.

"It's discouraging a little bit after 17 and a half years here."

Burke-Perry does, however, have a new plan. She's struck a deal with Murphy's Pharmacies to open a full spa in Murphy's location on North River Road.

The management of Charlottetown Mall declined comment on this story.

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