With the first day of school is just over two weeks away P.E.I. parents are facing the decision whether to send their children to kindergarten or keep them at home for one more year.

Children who will turn five before the end of this year will be eligible to start kindergarten, but parents are free to decide to delay their start for a year.

Four-year-old Chayce MacKay of Murray River will not start school this year. His mother Lynsea made the same decision with both her sons, who were both born late in the year.

"I just felt that if I sent them both when I could have sent them, they would be the youngest in the class," said MacKay.

"I would rather they be the oldest than the youngest."

The Department of Education changed the rules four years ago to allow younger children to enter the school system.

The government recommends parents speak with an early childhood educator or public health nurse if they're looking for advice on whether to start their children in kindergarten this year.

About 1,300 kids will be starting kindergarten on P.E.I. this September.