A P.E.I. keynote speaker and author has written a new book to help readers find out what they really want to do with their lives.

Corey Poirier says in writing Why he advises readers to ask themselves a series of questions to find out their life's purpose.

"What is my why, and then start asking themselves why can't I do this, why can't I do it now. Why shouldn't it be me." 

Poirier said the book guides readers through those four questions so they can figure out their why and then tap into how they can use it most effectively to live their best life ever.

Overcoming fear

The keynote speaker said he found his why on a standup comedy stage. 

"I was a person who was terrified of public speaking as are most people."

After taking a course to learn how to overcome his fear and perform before an audience, Poirier said a co-worker told him how happy he seemed. 

"I took this as a clue."

Poirier said he discovered there was much he loved about the world of public speaking and very little he disliked.

"Once I discovered speaking and as I transitioned and invested a little bit in speaking, I realized that was my why." 

Poirier said going out and speaking to people is important to him because it helps create a positive impact, much like others did for him when he started out.

He said being able to find your true passion in life is important.

Poirier's book Why can be downloaded from his website for free for the next month. 

With files from Mainstreet