Progressive Conservative party members met last night just hours after Hal Perry stepped down as Opposition leader, but three of the party's five MLAs did not attend.

Approximately 130 party members met behind closed doors, but not Perry, former leader Olive Crane or MLA Colin LaVie.


Steven Myers says he is ready to move the Progressive Conservative Party forward. (CBC)

The meeting was meant to be a start in moving forward from what had been a highly-visible split in the party, with different MLAs holding the positions of Opposition leader and interim party leader.

Despite the absence of those MLAs, Pat Mella, who led the party in the early 1990s, felt the party is now moving in the right direction.

"I do think that there's a lot of unity,' said Mella.

"No, we weren't all on the same page when we came in. We have to be honest. There's no point in just pretending everything is good. We have to be honest, and I think the meeting was very good in that sense."

Interim party leader Steven Myers said he's ready to move the party forward.

"We're looking to unite the party, we're looking to meet with the membership. We're looking to meet with the caucus. We're looking to do all those things and bring unity back to the party," he said.

The caucus is expected to vote-in Myers as Opposition leader on Thursday.