Union employees in Kensington, P.E.I. are on the picket line Wednesday morning after being locked out by town officials.

Stacy Delaney - custom

CUPE representative Stacy Delaney said residents of Kensington will feel the impact of the lockout. (CBC)

"I was actually shocked," said Stacy Delaney, a CUPE representative in Charlottetown.

"It's not like talks have broke off. We have been communicating. Nowhere did I think we were going to go down this path."

Contract talks have been going on for seven months.

Town officials would not comment on details, but the Chief Administrative Officer said Kensington offered a 7.5 per cent wage increase over three years. After the union rejected the deal, it made the decision to move ahead with the lockout.

Seven Kensington police officers will continue to work throughout the labour dispute, but six support staff will be on the picket line.

"It will definitely have an impact on the day-to-day services they provide to the police officers on call, as well as some of the internal work they do at the department, back checks and what not," said Delaney.

The town said there simply isn't any more money to offer. Town officials say residents won't notice any difference in police services or public works.