Trailside plaza

Two men were fighting on Route 2 near the Trailside Plaza in Kensington when they were struck by a vehicle. (CBC)

The man who died in an incident on Route 2 near Kensington on Christmas day has been identified by RCMP.

Lowell Davis Stavert, 53, of Kensington died after being hit by a vehicle near the Trailside Plaza around 9:30 p.m.

Stavert and another man were fighting on the highway and the vehicle struck them both, said Sgt. Leanne Butler.

"The altercation began, maybe in a driveway, and then spilled out into the roadway on Route 2. And the altercation was occurring there when the car came by and both individuals in the altercation were struck by the vehicle," said Butler.

Stavert was pronounced dead at the scene of the incident.

The other man fled the scene, but was eventually found by RCMP.

"They have located the male who left the scene and that male has been interviewed by members of the RCMP. He along with all the other people that were at the scene and may have witnessed what occurred have been interviewed at this time," said Butler.

The driver of the vehicle that hit the men has also been interviewed by police.

An autopsy has been performed, but police are waiting on results, Butler said.

RCMP are still investigating and at this point, no charges have been laid.

They hope to release more information on Jan. 2.