Keith Kennedy is the second and still unofficial candidate for leadership of the P.E.I. Liberal party, but is finding some steep challenges to making his intentions official.

On Monday, Kennedy tried to find out why he is facing so many roadblocks.

As he approached the Coles Building Monday afternoon, Kennedy came face to face with Buck Watts, the Liberal MLA for Tracadie-Hillsborough Park.

Kennedy told him he was having trouble getting the required 50 Liberal members to sign his nomination papers.

After that encounter, Kennedy then tried to go to the second floor offices of Liberal MLAs, but was blocked. He was told there were no MLAs there at that time.

Now Kennedy is questioning whether it’s worthwhile to enter the race, which requires a non-refundable $2,500 fee.

Kennedy is also questioning why at Liberal party headquarters, officials will only give him 20 membership forms at a time in order to sign up new members.

The party says it’s because he’s not an  official candidate yet.