The job picture on P.E.I. was largely unchanged in February 2014 compared to January.

The unemployment rate rose slightly due to an increase in the workforce, from 11.3 to 11.5 per cent. While the total number of jobs was largely unchanged, the province did see a move from part-time to full-time work.

The jump in full-time work continues a trend that has seen growth in every month since October. Part-time job numbers have been up and down over the last few months.

In a news release, NDP Leader Mike Redmond said the government needs to do more to create jobs.

“We know the HST is constraining consumer spending. And nothing else the Ghiz government is doing in job creation appears to be working either,” said Redmond.

Nationally the unemployment rate was unchanged at 7.0 per cent.

For mobile device users: View an interactive chart of change in full- and part-time jobs here