Job Wanted: Sara Brehaut

My name is Sara Brehaut and I am a recent graduate of the Tourism & Travel Management program at Holland College.

My name is Sara Brehaut and I am a recent graduate of the Tourism and Travel Management program at Holland College.

Sara Brehaut graduated from the Holland College Tourism and Travel Management program in April. (submitted by Sara Brehaut)

I love working with and helping people. My goal is to one day open my own travel agency.

I also love Prince Edward Island and all that it has to offer, but unfortunately jobs is not one of those things.

While at school I we got to see firsthand how hard it is to find work on P.E.I. In between our first and second year of schooling we were required to complete a 500-hour paid internship. It was not an easy task finding work for a lot of us. Our tourism season is so short and there just were not enough jobs to go around.

If given the chance to interview for a position I'm sure finding a job would not be a problem, but I applied for 25 jobs in the two weeks after graduating at the end of April, and did not receive any calls.

I'm a 23-year-old college graduate living at home wishing I could move back out and be responsible for myself again.

Travelling west looking better

After working last summer at the Resort at Cavendish Corner, I am learning what it is like to be a seasonal worker on Prince Edward Island.

Back on the market

After a summer of work, it's time to start looking for another job.

Seasonal work

Last spring, after a couple of weeks turned into a month, and one month into two, I finally got a call from The Resort at Cavendish Corner.

Looking for anything

I worry that I will accept a job that has no relation to tourism in an effort to pay my bills, and then will find something more suitable to my training. I have come to the conclusion that I need to wait out the system and hope something more tourism related comes my way.