Job wanted: Moe Chandler

Freelance photographer Moe Chandler is looking for full-time work.

My name is Maureen, although most know me as Moe. I'm in my 30s and unemployed with a diploma in photography.

Freelance photographer Moe Chandler is looking for more security in her career. (Moe Chandler)

I love photography, specializing in art and entertainment. You can usually see my work in the Caught in the Act section of The Buzz. It's the thing that brings me the most satisfaction in life but, unfortunately, there's little job security in the freelancing field.

I'm currently going through my second lay-off. I've been in the job market for some time, probably too long. I've spent hours a day searching for permanent employment with an impossibly long list of jobs I've applied to.

I am very grateful to be able to tell my story, and hopefully will be able to shed some light on the struggles the unemployed go through.

Life in a tough job market

With nine people unemployed for every job opening on P.E.I., Moe worries about her prospects. In talking to friends and acquaintances, she finds she is not alone.