Hal Perry demanded to know how much had been spent on job creation in rural P.E.I. (Province of P.E.I.)

The P.E.I. opposition launched a coordinated attack on the government’s job creation record in the legislature Thursday.

During question period the opposition tried to paint the current administration as arrogant and out of touch with Islanders.

The point of attack was the Indian company MphasiS. Eight months ago, Premier Robert Ghiz went to India to announce the IT company would be setting up shop in Charlottetown, eventually creating 300 jobs.

Opposition leader Olive Crane prefaced her question on MphasiS with a list of failed projects supported by government.

"Opacmare is out of business. Phyterra East is out of business. To the minister of innovation, today in P.E.I., how many jobs has MphasiS brought to PEI?" she asked.

Innovation Minister Allen Roach said about 12 people are currently working for the company on P.E.I.

"This is a time of ramping up business. You don't just land 300 people in Prince Edward Island and they start to work. We realize that and we respect that," said Roach.

Opposition members Colin LaVie and Hal Perry, who represent opposite ends of the province, went after the government for its record of job creation in rural P.E.I.

Both of them called the innovation minister arrogant and out of touch with Islanders, and demanded specific details on how much money has been spent on job creation in Kings County and West Prince.

Roach said 222 jobs have been created in rural P.E.I. so far this year.

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