A Charlottetown man has been sentenced to 33 months for an assault in which the victim lost an eye and suffered numerous skull fractures.

Jeremy Joseph Cummiskey, 22, was sentenced Wednesday in a Charlottetown courtroom for an attack on Trevor Acorn on Nov. 24.

He was found guilty of aggravated assault in April. At that time, Provincial Court Judge Nancy Orr found that Cummiskey had struck Acorn with a two-by-six piece of lumber.

Orr described the incident at the Charlottetown boarding house as a drug deal of some form that went awry.

"As a result of it, Mr. Acorn suffered significant injuries," said Orr.

"It could have been even worse than it was."

Acorn lost an eye, suffered skull fractures and spent weeks in hospital.

Criminal record

Orr noted that Cummiskey, who has a lengthy criminal record, had been sentenced to serve time in jail intermittently the day before the attack. He had been convicted of unlawfully entering a dwelling, fleeing from police, and a breach of probation.

"It's very aggravating that he was sentenced the day before, and within hours of receiving that sentence, he committed these offences," she said.

Orr said she hoped Cummiskey was still young enough to turn his life around, and that he would take advantage of the services offered to him in prison so he can deal with whatever drug and mental health issues he has.

In handing down the 33-month sentence, Orr gave Cummiskey credit of 201 days for the time he's already spent in jail as the case proceeded through the courts.

2nd man sentenced in March

Another man involved in the assault, Michael Robert Bryenton, was sentenced in March to 20 months in jail. He was given credit of four-and-a-half months for time he had already served in custody.

Judge John Douglas said while handing down Bryenton's sentence that it was not proved beyond a reasonable doubt that he ever struck Acorn.

With files from Steve Bruce